An Introduction to Steroids

29/12/2010 12:13

Steroids should be banned from the game of baseball. The integrity of baseball is diminishing because of the over use of steroids by big time players.There are, in fact, two reasons for drug testing in sports given by sports' federations. The first is to ensure fairness among athletes by prohibiting the use of performance enhancing drugs. Steroids will only be a true benefit to a person who has paid the price of time and hard work in the gym. A person who hasn't will certainly see gains after using a steroid correctly, however, the chance of them being quality gains is very low and the person will certainly loose the bulk of them.Until you can put yourself in someone else's position it is tough to know why they make the decisions they do. For example, if you are pro athlete and you have the opportunity to extend your career.Everybody has a different genetic upper limit. Many scientists believe the average person has the potential to triple their starting strength.

Steroids are hormone drugs that make athletes stronger and more muscular. This is an obvious advantage on the football field. Kids realize that their high school sports years are when college recruiters are going to make offers to the best players to play on a college team. Steroids effects, and anabolic steroid information There is research currently being conducted on anabolic steroids to see if one day they may be used as male oral contraceptive. A second reason for steroids stacking is tied into passing drug tests. Different steroids have different clearance times in the body. Injectables, particularly the ester-based versions.It was this concern over the growing abuse by teenagers, combined with the potential for long-term side effects that led Congress in 1991 to reclassify anabolic steroids as Schedule III drugs.A company known as BALCO, the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative has been cited as a central source of steroids to athletes in many sports.Liver damage is another well known side effect. It is orally ingested as steroids pass through the liver and cause elevation of liver enzymes. Keep in mind that the liver serves as a filtering organ.Prohormones are similar in structure, completely natural and have some functional differences that make them "safer" as oral agents.Steroids are sometimes used by athletes and sportsmen to enhance their performance in very short span of time. Use of steroids increase their stamina and capabilities.

Allegedly, anabolic steroids were unintentionally discovered by German scientists during the early years of the 1930's. They did not realize the future potential of their discovery and the study was not continued.Being derivatives of testosterone, it's not surprising that steroids have side effects related to the male hormone. Most of the body's hormones operate on a biofeedback loop.Liver tumors and blood filled cysts in the liver have been linked to steroid use as well. When the cysts rupture, they cause internal bleeding and other potential life threatening conditions.There are many dangerous side effects to steroid use for sports. Use of steroids without a doctor's care is not a good idea. If you want to build strength and muscle, a better bet would be to use legal steroids that are plant derived such as Mesobolin.

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