Eye Infections - An Overview

30/12/2010 12:56

Almost everyone suffers from eye infections during the life span. There are number of factors associated with eye infections. The main causes behind eye infections are considered to be bacterial infections.Based on the nature of infection and root cause behind eye infection eye infections can be classified in different categories. Some of the common forms of eye infections include Conjunctivitis also commonly known as pink eye.A stye is a mild infection and swelling of the glands on the eyelid margin. Treatment to this condition consists of applying warm compress to the eye.Newborn babies often get this infection from the vaginal fluids of their mothers during birth. Due to their underdeveloped immune system, the babies usually get a severe form of this infection.

There are many different types of eye infections. The most common are styes, pink eye and blepharitis. Styes occurs in the oil glands that reside at the edge of the eyelids.Common causes could be as simple as eyestrain [working under artificial light for prolonged periods] or contact with a infected person. There are also dietary deficiencies that could cause the person to be unhealthy and prone to any infection.Some of the symptoms that you can look for in a guy include redness that appears in the white of the ice, red or swollen eyelids, a feeling like sand in your eyeballs, and on abundance of tears.Whenever you have swollen eyes, eye redness and pain with sticky crust, you should take the following DIY methods to treat your eyes immediately. And keep your hands clean by washing them frequently and carefully with soap frequently. It is estimated that some 30 million Americans wear contacts but the infections only began appearing in the last few years and according to the Centers for Disease Control could be linked to the lens solution Renu with MoistureLoc.After you swim, water ski, or do any sort of activity in the water, take your contact lenses out and rinse them in your sterile contact lens solution. Then you can put them back in. Again, the reason is to keep your eyes free of any of the potentially harmful microorganisms that live in the water.In some instances the eyes become inflamed by germs which get in from contaminated swimming pools. Physicians are able to prescribe much more powerful germicides than boric acid, and in that way bring dangerous infections under control.

There are several holistic treatment options for Herpes. One of the simplest is l-lysine, an amino acid that is inexpensive and readily available at the health food store. It comes in capsules or tablets, usually 500 mg.Personal hygiene plays great role in preventing eye infections. Medications such as eye drops are commonly used for treating eye infections. Liquid supplements like colloidal silver can help you in preventing eye infections. Treatment of eye infections involves use of medications (eye drops). Personal hygiene plays greater role in prevention of eye infections. Certain dietary supplements (colloidal) known for their characteristic of anti-bacteria can help in preventing and relieving eye infections.

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