Eyes Vision

23/12/2010 11:58

Generally speaking, Eye Vision Care Insurance is supplementary to regular health insurance. Most health insurances that are available today are tailored to cover almost everything with regards general health. However, there may be limitations. Having vision service plan can address those limitations.The vision becomes blurry due to two reasons. The first reason is that the light rays entering the eyeballs can not be focused correctly on the retina which is responsible for the reception of the lights and transmit the formed images to the brain. The second situation is that the optic nerves are not working right, transferring the images that the retina receives incorrectly.The most difficult section of relaxation is the ability to still the mind. Thinking go at a speedy rate and the more of the things you have in your mind to carry out raises so will your speeding thinking do so. Closing up the eye to fully relax it is a hard section of full relaxation, but the fact is that it can be done. The means to do it is by taking away every atom of energy from the head down to the whole body and off through your feet.

Eye Vision Test  can be done by your doctor or optometrist to determine whether you need a less or more corrective glasses or lenses. New prescribed glasses or lenses will be made according to your test result.To increase your eagle eye vision, you need to read a book or magazine to the far edges of your vision as possible. To do this, you need to keep your eyes looking straight forward and then leave a book open to the far right or left as possible so you can just barely view it out of your field of vision. Read the book or magazine in this way and do this at least 30 minutes a day.And so doing eye vision exercises takes a bit of a faith. It takes patience and courage. It's not easy. But when you actually achieved what you set out to, you could show all the skeptics... but more importantly, you could once again see clearly without glasses.

Contrary to popular belief, vision is mostly your brain's task, not your eyes. Your eyes are merely a window in which light rays pass through. Thus to correct your vision, you should first correct the part of your brain that is responsible for vision. To do this, simply close your eyes and place your palm over them. This will block out all light and give your brain the opportunity to concentrate on your visualization.Concentrating hard when our eyes are losing focus or when the images do not interest us can cause unnecessary strain to our eyes and make remembering what we see difficult. Learning to concentration on things in a relaxed way is required for the maximization of the memory. One effective way to relax our mind and eyes is to do exercises.

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