Information on Skin Rashes

07/12/2010 13:21

Literally, a rash means the growth of some red bumps on your skin caused by irritation to the skin. As the effect, the skin may become swollen, itchy and bumpy.

Everyone has experienced a skin rash in his or her lifetime. In fact, for many a skin rash problem was experienced early in life. As a child, almost all of us have experienced a diaper rash.

Skin rash could occur as a result of a variety of reasons. Consequently, its treatment too varies widely depending on its causes.

Some rashes may itch terribly, have scales, or have a rough appearance to them. Some of these may break open and become infected.

Rashes are often caused because of anxiety, allergy or other infections. Many antigens affect the skin through lymphocytes. If these lymphocytes are activated due to these antigens, they produce chemicals that might cause rashes on the skin.

While skin rashes are very easy to spot it can be very hard to diagnose what is causing the rash on the skin. There are many different reasons for rashes on the skin.

Think about it while you're loosening the clothing and letting the skin breathe. Next, get a clean (sterile if possible) cloth with warm water and lightly begin to clean the rash.

Rashes are seldom dangerous self diagnosis is not a good idea. The proper evaluation of a rash should be done by a doctor. A doctor can determine what type of rash you have and prescribe proper treatment.

Sometimes skin rashes may happen because someone in the family used to have it. This type of rash is hereditary in nature and can manifest itself at any time in any season.

Trying new and exciting foods can be a great way to have fun at the end of the day. But, when adding new foods to your diet, there is a chance you will come in contact with a food you may have an allergic reaction to.

Not all skin rashes are allergies. Skin rashes can be caused by other medical conditions. Never self diagnose. Always go to a doctor or a dermatologist to learn the nature of the skin rash.

Allergic skin rashes can occur anywhere on the body. Most commonly these rashes occur at the region which comes in contact with the allergen.

An effective solution for baby rash is Emu Oil or Emu Oil products.  Emu Oil has been used in Australia for thousands of years to treat skin problems - rashes, scars, eczema, inflammation and flaking. 

While summer may not be the best time to indulge in heavy makeup certain chemicals can react with the sun's rays. For example, perfumes, soaps etc.

Certain rashes require contacting a physician immediately including having any accompanying respiratory problems, rashes with fevers and purple spots or areas that are inflamed and very warm to the touch.

Most of the time you can distinguish between those rashes that occur due to allergy or temporary with a poisonous substance (eg: poison oak)contact on your own.

So it is logical that to cure your eczema or dry skin rash you eat a healthy diet which will strengthen your skin.

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