Natural Treatment for Hypothyroidism

20/12/2010 17:42

This article will discuss natural treatments for Hypothyroidism and whether they can be considered an effective method of treatment. I'll also discuss what causes Hypothyroidism and what some of the symptoms of this condition are. If you are considering any alternative form of treatment, please always discuss it with your doctor or health care provider beforehand.Hypothyroidism:- occurs when the thyroid gland cannot function properly and is unable to produce Thyroxine hormone and Triiodothyronine hormone as effectively as it should. This condition is also often referred to as the 'under-active' thyroid.

By influencing the thyroid's activities, iodine plays a vital role in basic metabolism and bodily processes. For instance, it helps regulate body temperature and maintain energy levels. It also plays a key role in blood cell production, muscle and nerve function and, helps keep your hair, skin, teeth and nails strong and healthy. It even assists the body in the destruction of toxins.Having proper diet, lifestyle and consuming natural herbs those are for daily health supplements really help detoxifying the body and to make a natural balance of the body enzymes and hormones. Foods those are rich in vitamin A, B, C and E are very helpful building immunity. Fortunately, these elements are also available as supplements that can be taken in the form of pills or capsules. There are no side effects caused by Levothyroxine if consumed in right doses and is considerably inexpensive. If you wish to go for different brands, try consulting your health professional and ask for right dosage prescription. You cannot avoid the medication as soon as you start feeling better. The symptoms of hypothyroidism will eventually return if this is done. So the treatment for hypothyroidism needs to be continued for a long span of time.

The main natural remedy for hypothyroidism is the food and drink that you take everyday. Ensure that you eat food that are very rich in iodine, this is a trace element needed for thyroid gland to function properly. Finally, the kidney and liver are the organs responsible for regulating the production and assimilation of thyroid hormone, therefore you must take proper care of these two organs. Cut down on foods and drinks that can adversely affect these organs.Traditional Chinese medicine as well as the traditional medicine of India, known as Ayurveda, have relied on herbs for thousands of years. The developed world is slowly becoming aware of the advantages of herbal remedies as the art of herbology is being reintroduced through different means.

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