Patchy Skin - An Overview

28/12/2010 10:53

It's hard not to get worried when you realize one day that you have patches of dry skin on your body. It can be disfiguring and distressing, especially if the patches appear on exposed parts of your body, such as your arms and face.What is bad about this condition is that it can progress to a more pressing dermis concerns such as wrinkles, deep lines, and even age spots.One of the first clues that your dry skin may be caused by a skin disorder is the appearance of the affected areas. Skin disorders often result in dry, patchy, scaly segments of skin that are situated in damp, moist areas.Tinted moisturizer has gained quite a fan following, it is basically because of the multiple benefits which it provides the user. As the name suggests a tinted moisturizer is a moisturizer, but with a difference.The aging process is something inevitable. Even Hollywood celebrities will have to face the fact that their face and skin will eventually reveal their true age.The difference here is that these natural skin care creams are not the normal, ineffective ones.It may be cool to be seen tanning your skin during the summer months but when you think of the damage it would do to your skin years afterwards you might change your mind!

So many people become desperate to regain that lighter, glowing complexion they had as a child that they end up turning to dangerous whitening products for a quick fix, when really they should be looking into how to get white skin naturally.Then I discovered that what I was using on my face was mostly filled with harsh chemicals. I went with natural plant based formulas instead, and within three weeks, the dry patches were gone. Melanin is the substance that gives color to your skin. Ideally, melanin concentration should be even across the entire expanse of your skin but this is seldom the case.Under normal circumstances, your skin condition will take care of itself once you address the main culprit.In this type of skin, the oil producing sebaceous glands in a person are overactive and produce more sebum oil than is actually needed.Ingredients like mineral oil and alcohol dry your skin out more. The mineral oil creates a barrier against your skin so it can't breathe. The alcohol strips your skin of natural oils.A good skin care routine can protect against ageing and ameliorate all these problems. Cheap creams and lotions can contain harmful ingredients that will worsen your problems and also lead to open pores.That's why it is recommended to opt for natural ways to lighten your skin. This is how to make skin lighter without side effects and in a natural manner.Genetic factors may play their role in the dryness of skin and it may also be because of nutritional deficiencies. If the skin is over-exposed to chlorinated water or chemicals present in soaps and shampoos.

Although they have more than one form basal cell carcinoma often begins like a shiny bump. It takes the form of a sore that does not heal or that heals and then becomes unhealthy looking once again.Still we must not forget that hydration is very important to all skin especially the neck skin. So the neck cream should also help moisturize the skin plus keep it firm.Avocado Oil is another natural substance which helps in nourishing the skin and making it soft and supple.It is important to know your skin type and use products accordingly. But, many tend to get confused and get into wrong conclusions.

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