Strategies For Preventing Childhood Obesity

14/12/2010 10:07

Childhood obesity has been in the news in recent years as this country's children are struggling with their weight. For some, it is so serious they have medical issues that are the result of being obese. Like anything that can become a problem, it is easier to prevent it than to try to get rid of it. The best thing you can do is help your child stay healthy and avoid behaviors that can lead to obesity.The best way to prevent your child from becoming obese is by keeping them active. Telling your kid to go outside and run a mile isn't going to accomplish anything. Kids want to have fun. If they are turned off by physical activity, it can be hard to turn them back on. Because of this, it is important to give them fun activities to do outside.

The key to success according to those who are most familiar with this strategy is to start young, i.e. pre-school or kindergarten, before supersizing starts to take root, and allow them to make regular progress over a period of several months. In other words the key is to be pro-active and work in the preventative mode instead of the rehabilitation mode. "Once the problem takes root, it becomes significantly more difficult to root out," Egbert said.If this informal study confirms the old gym teacher's claim that kids who can do pull ups are never obese, the next step is to get your hands on a height adjustable pull up bar, and introduce all the kids who can't do pull ups to leg assisted pull ups (jumping and pulling at the same time) as a simple, affordable, and predictable way for them to learn to physically pull their own weight.

Children tend to be overweight if they come from a family of overweight people. This is because in the family environment there is usually an abundance of high-calorie foods. Also, physical activity is not encouraged.Find ways to help your kids learn to master any sufficiently challenging body weight exercise because kids who can do sufficiently challenging body weight exercises are NEVER OBESE. And by maintaining the ability, they've naturally immunized themselves against systematically created obesity for life. Yes they naturally immunize themselves. How incredibly cool is that?

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